Alive and well this New Year

Friends, I have not dropped off the face of the earth.  I’ve been avoiding the computer like the plague (because, when I use it, I often feel like I have the plague) but am otherwise alive and well.

Actually, quite well.  For whatever reason(s), I have felt so much better this past week than I have for a couple years– more energy, clearer thinking, ability to stand/walk longer… still the typical POTS symptoms, but less so.

Interestingly, I have also had quite high blood pressure this week(hypertensive category, believe it or not)– I’ve never seen numbers like that from this body!  (I do take lots of midodrine to increase my BP.)  I’ve also had normal blood pressure at many points.  This is a huge difference from the bottomed-out numbers I typically see, and I am sure this explains why I am graying out less when I’ve been upright this past week.  I’ve also gained quite a few pounds compared to a few weeks ago– maybe that means I’m hanging on to the salt and fluid that could help my blood stay thicker, which is a good thing!  (Or was it just too many Christmas goodies?!?)

You may be interested to know that I have, on average, doubled the amounts of steps I’ve taken per day (around 3,000) compared to the amount I was taking during Christmas break (around 1,500).  Thanks to my handy pedometer for verifiable data!

Most significantly, many friends continue to pray for me regularly and/or daily, which is just amazing to me.  I am so thankful!

Well, that’s the quick update from my neck of the woods…. we’ll see whether other blog posts materialize as I face the perils of sitting in front of this screen.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


4 thoughts on “Alive and well this New Year”

  1. Very encouraging update, Kristi! And I know feeling better thrills you also! PTL!

    Thanks also for mailing some of your Christmas cards to us for GIPC folks, which we can share tomorrow.

    Connie & Dad

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    1. Oh, thanks for sharing those! We are so grateful for the many prayers lifted up for us from your neck of the woods. It has been a huge treat to feel a bit better! Hugs to you all!

  2. Amen and PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I am SO very thankful to read this, Kristi!! Especially as one of those friends who IS praying for you daily — what an encouragement to see some specifically answered prayers and to feel some relief (even if it turns out to be a temporary respite). YAY for high blood pressure and a few extra pounds!!!! 🙂 Would love to call you this week — I am hoping for a regularly scheduled week, as we returned home last Sunday night to snow on Monday and no regular days of school until Friday!! And so it begins….

    Anyway, I am REJOICING with you today and praying that the Lord would grant you relief in 2015!!!!!! Most of all praying for you to know Him more closely, whatever the new year holds.

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