Heading to the movies with POTS

My husband loves movies; I like some of them okay but get a bit antsy sitting through them, and now that I have POTS, the whole movie theater experience definitely brings on sensory overload that can take a while to recover from, as I unfortunately discovered this past summer when I took the kids to a dollar movie one morning.

So, my husband found it awesome when I surprised him with a trip to a REAL movie last month, and he found it fairly hilarious when I sat down beside him looking like this:

Kristi at the movies...with POTS!

Hey, it worked!

Here’s his caption:  What it takes to “endure” a movie with POTS/NCS! She was completely exhausted, but she was not “broken”!  (Ha ha– we had gone to see Unbroken.)

I hope you’re liking these posts about Fun with POTS.  More to come, Lord willing!


2 thoughts on “Heading to the movies with POTS”

  1. This is hysterical, Kristi!! Good for you for coming up with a way to “endure” a movie — I’m sure Mark was so appreciative!! What did you think of “Unbroken?” We haven’t seen a movie in the theatre in AGES, but this one sounds like it could be worth it? Praying for you today!!!!

    1. Thanks, Kate– I’m having a pretty strong day today– yay! Thankful! Unbroken had some very good moments. I preferred the way the book really immersed me in what was happening and what Louis was going through, as well as how it took the reader through his conversion and forgiveness, but the movie was good. I think Joseph would really like it!

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