A little taxed…. but no more!

Several of you far-flung blog readers have checked on me recently in my posting absence.  Thank you!  I am glad to report I am here, doing about the same as I have been.  Really, I only have one thing to blame for my silence:  TAXES.  However, I am proud to report that as of Saturday, I completed our taxes; I took them to the post office this morning; and now they are a thing of the past!

I have mentioned before that I have limited physical energy to spend; I also have limited mental energy. Doing our taxes took weeks for me, as I had teeny little chunks of mental-energy times to work on them little by little. (Plus, time on the computer makes me feel worse, so it was mostly limited to tax-doing.) I know I’m not alone in taxes taking forever, but the mental-energy thing feels a bit different. For example, I recently agreed to help our community swimming pool with a small aspect of membership: I spend 30-60 minutes a week on it, and it feels like I’m maxed out. (And no, the word “minutes” wasn’t a typo for “hours”!) In this picture, I’m organizing a drawer stuffed with papers from the past six months or so, and it will take me several days to do it.


I’m certainly not alone in things taking forever– those of you working, caring for others, volunteering, homeschooling, single parenting, homemaking, or doing any number of things only have limited time for many things.  It just feels strange for things to take so long when I have so much time!  But in some ways, I don’t really mind that all this takes a while (having little ones in the house all day, every day for years gave me some experience with slow-task-completion that I know many of you mamas are still dealing with!); however, I just need to make sure I keep my schedule pretty clear so it doesn’t get overwhelmed. This is a stark contrast to the full, fast-paced life I used to have!

By the way, did you know that people with POTS tend to have been high achievers before they became ill? Strange but true (at least anecdotally– but occurring often enough to be mentioned in Mayo Clinic literature on POTS commonalities). I’ve also read that people with POTS tend to be women, often tall and on the trim side, often fair-skinned with blue eyes.  Sounds familiar! Hmmm… maybe I should work on my tan this summer, fill up on junk food, get colored contacts, be sure to wear flats, and it’ll all be a thing of the past.

Do you like doing taxes? I actually don’t mind too much, especially when we get a little refund! Anyone getting a refund this year and doing something fun with it?


6 thoughts on “A little taxed…. but no more!”

  1. ugh, time management skills! I admire you for being selective, productive, and useful with your time! Wish I could justify the hours I spend spinning my wheels with nothing to show for it!

    1. (…and by “justify” I mean have something to show for it, besides getting caught up on Internet gossip and such. 😉)

  2. Hey, being in the know is under-rated! 🙂 And I don’t know that I’m always useful and productive but having more time available has been kind of nice, I’ll admit! I was dreaming the other day of a future when you, Kate, MB, and I could rock another 5K! ENJOY spring break!

  3. Super impressed with you for devoting your limited mental energy to TAXES, of all things, which I am STILL procrastinating, even though ours take all of 20 minutes to do… Your diligence and time-management skills are REALLY to be commended, Kristi! As well as your willingness to take on projects for others — like the community swimming pool? Wow, that’s generous of you to dedicate your time to that!

    Also wanted to say that you look absolutely fabulous in this photo, with your trendy skinny jeans and flats! Super interesting about the commonalities among people with POTS — makes you wonder about a genetic link?? Praying that Mayo will continue to research and CURE this disease!!!!

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