Top Ten List of Blessings from POTS/NCS

Sometimes it’s easy for me to focus on the limitations POTS/NCS causes.  After all, I feel and experience them throughout the day, everyday.

However, I’m also beginning to be able to see more clearly the blessings, yes, true blessings, this illness has brought into my life.

In random order, here is my TOP TEN LIST OF BLESSINGS FROM POTS / NCS:

10.  A more slow-paced lifestyle.  I am beginning to see that maybe I was a little too busy back in the day.

9. More compassion for those who suffer.  I have a long way to go, but I am beginning to truly understand, in some ways.

8. Greater dependence on God.  I need Him every hour.  Literally.

7.  Fewer wrinkles.  How’s that for a perk?  A friend mentioned once that my face looked so great, and I realized my new, low-stress life does seem to be stopping my wrinkles in their tracks.

6. Seeing God at work, actively caring for me and our family.  He has not abandoned us.  (I can’t wait to read the 2015 Blessings Jar on New Year’s Eve.)

5. Our kids seeing Mama can’t do it all and needs their help, thus they are getting good practice serving.  Our oldest son got the CLEANING AWARD at a recent youth group retreat.  (Yikes… hope that wasn’t too embarrassing.) Turns out, he rocked while cleaning their cabin, after meals, etc, maybe partially because all three kids now know their way around some toilet bowl cleaner, dustpans, Windex, you name it.

4. Noncompeting schedules in our marriage, since mine is quite free. (Not a necessity, but I’m enjoying the blessing aspect.)

3. More of my physical presence around the house for my family.  While they’re here, I am not often out and about doing errands, meetings, get-togethers, etc.  I think they really like this. (Ditto, parenthetical statement above.)

2.  Seeing God’s people help in so many ways.  This is a huge encouragement.  After we recently enjoyed a fantastic meal someone brought, I told Mark, “This makes being sick a lot more tolerable.”

1.  Freedom to wear cute shoes that may be too big, too small, or a bit uncomfortable– and not have them wear out– since I don’t walk that much.  Ladies, this is AWESOME!  My shoes always look brand new.  (The scuff marks below are certainly all from previous owners, I’m sure!)

"Kristi, you are so good at arranging your pristine shoes, you should be a display stylist," said no one, ever.
“Kristi, you are so good at arranging your pristine shoes, you should be a display stylist,” said no one, ever.

Hey, when you find a cute pair, it’s nice not to have to worry about pesky details like whether the shoe actually fits!



8 thoughts on “Top Ten List of Blessings from POTS/NCS”

  1. Wanted to share a Blessing of our own for my daughter. Love your Blog and identify with so much. You have to take things one day at a time, and even learn to laugh when you feel like crying.. My now 12 1/2 year old daughter sees a Dr. of Integrative Medicine and he ordered a test called the ACTH Stimulus Test which will evaluate if your body CAN produce cortisol. (Her last saliva test showed flat line DHEA and Cortisol at Adrenal Exhaustion stage 4)- the worst possible level! So, we went to the hospital infusion center (counted blessings there first bec we saw cancer patients, and felt it was ironic that cortisol is the gatekeeper of cancer cells.) My daughter was seated in a very comfy chair, her blood was drawn , cortisol base line taken (she was starving due to it being a fasting test and irritable but was ok). The Nurse was really nice and she told my daughter that the first stick was the only stick, and the ACTH would be placed in her line and then she might learn that this medicine can make her feel better. Well, when the test was over, her body made cortisol and it doubled, thus a “normal result.” with this info, the Dr was puzzled, however could honestly rule out Addison’s. I told him my daughter asked “where do you get this stuff?” She said it made her feel great and was just happy as a clam for a few hours post doing the test! The Dr said that my daughter might need a boost, and put her on a trial of Cortef (hydrocortisone) 3x day 8am, 4pm and 9pm before bed. Well, it’s helping!! I feel like we had a handle on her POTS with all the diet and supplements, plus she drinks enough water to fill a pool! Now, we are at the center of the “onion” we have been peeling, the Dr mentioned “HPA Axis Dysregulation” A mouthful meaning something is “up in the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenals. She had EBV antibodies, and chronic fatigue…Bingo! So now we know and we can help her. Feeling Blessed and wondering how many others out there this info could help…

    1. Suzanne, thank you for sharing! I have loved hearing about your daughter’s improvement over time and you are such a good example of being an advocate and not giving up. Wow– that really is helpful and wild that you all found this out. I do hope this info will help others and am really glad to know the latest. Thanks!

  2. Love your focus on the Lord’s blessings, Kristi! I have been listening to Laura Story a lot this week — if you need some encouragement, go right now and listen to her commentary on her while “God of Every Story” album!! Anyway, your list is making me think of her song, “Blessings,” about the blessings that do come in our trials. I’m thankful that you continue to see the Lord’s faithful hand, even in your difficulty.

    Your children’s future spouses will be SO thankful to you because of their amazing cleaning/helping around the house abilities!!! And with my own birthday looming, I feel like my face has exploded with wrinkles — mostly because of lack of sleep and hydration. Look at you keeping yourself younger with more sleep AND good hydration!!!!

    Hope you will be recruited as a shoe display stylist ASAP!!! 🙂

    1. I haven’t heard her whole album, but I love that song. That has encouraged me a lot! I’m thinking you might not be getting much sleep this week, but you are so beautiful a few wrinkles won’t take away a thing!!! You always look great in your pics. 🙂

      1. How do you listen to music these days? CD? MP3? Computer? I would love to send you the album on your preferred format — it is SUPER encouraging!! (It’s not the album that actually includes the song “Blessings,” but her more recent one…)

      2. Ooops! Just saw this– thank you, Kate! I usually stream from YouTube, actually, from a computer or tablet… hmm… I wonder if I could just make a playlist of her songs from that album? I’ll take a peek!

  3. What a gift to find blessings in the midst of trials!! It makes me think of the verse Psalm 34:1- “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Wow, such an encouraging post! Love you tons!

    1. So glad I got to see you this wkd– I cannot wait to hear tomorrow!!! Right before we found out what our oldest was, I dreamed he was an alligator. Glad he wasn’t! 🙂

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