Growing in confidence

Our son has been sick for the better part of a week now (flu-like symptoms; nothing serious) and often mentions how bad he feels, how he wants to get better, and how he can’t do much.  He lies around a lot and when he’s up, he walks around droopy, pasty, and lethargic.  It all sounds a bit like my own life, I will say!

However, although I certainly still have my share of walking around droopy and telling my family I feel bad, I realized I have gained some confidence, too.  Although I have not gotten way, WAY better, I am getting kind of used to being sick and am definitely better at making decisions that enable me to maximize my days and doings.

I know, now, that on a good day, I can mop a section of the kitchen floor before sitting to rest in the family room for a while until I do the next one.  I know now that I can probably chat perkily for a while at a party if I make sure I’m seated and am drinking a glass of salt water.  I know to rest before certain big events and avoid other ones altogether.

I’m also cautious about certain things:  I’m still gunshy about walking the entirety of our church, because I’ve gotten too close to presyncope too many times.  I’m still hesitant to give my son a buzzcut while I’m standing, because I grow too lightheaded.  I’m still careful to have a stool in the kitchen so I can sit down at a moment’s notice while prepping meals.

I have made progress in adapting to my altered lifestyle with a chronic illness; however, I would like to understand more about how to live with POTS and NCS.  I mentioned that we are considering having me go to a three-week program at the Mayo Clinic for people like me who have autonomic dysfunction.  Today, I will undergo the last local medical tests needed for Mayo’s evaluation of all my records, then I should hear in a couple weeks whether they will accept me as a patient.  I’ll keep you posted!

Have you had to adapt to a very different life than you thought you’d have?  How have you done that?

I can even play mini golf if I just do a few holes and sit down in between-- the pasty face shows now's the time to sit!
I can even play mini golf if I just do a few holes and sit down in between– the pasty face shows now’s the time to sit!

6 thoughts on “Growing in confidence”

  1. Look at you still looking cute in your statement necklace and adorable skirt, even when not feeling well golfing! 😉 I wish I looked as stylish as you when not feeling well. 😉
    I’ll be so excited to hear if Mayo’s accepts you or not! Such a great opportunity for you! Praying as you go to get your final tests done~~

      1. Aw, thank you. Photography is certainly something I love–sometimes it’s the only thing I feel like doing, so I’ve had lots of practice! 😉 May God bless your Easter too! You know I expect a blog post after Easter about how to do an egg hunt with POTS, right? 😉 haha Just kidding 😉

      2. Congrats to you on your pic being included on the photography blog– I love the colors/ light! Hmmm… maybe the egg hunt with POTS will be next year! 🙂 (For you and me both!)

  2. I also am impressed with how super fabulous you look on the golf course!!!! 🙂 Good for you for allotting some of your limited time and energy for looking good, even when you’re not feeling good — that is a huge psychological boost!! I AM thankful for the ways you have figured out how to carefully dole out your energy and to spend or save your “spoons.” Praying that you would continue to be able to add more activities through this moderation! And I am especially praying that you would be accepted into the Mayo program and that they would be able to help you manage or CURE your condition!!!! Praying for you today!!! 🙂

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