Keeping on keepin’ on

Today is my daughter’s seventh birthday, and the start of another new year in her life.  It is also the last post for me on Even Rocks Cry Out, as I transition on to other things.  I am so thankful for all who have read and encouraged me through each season of this past year.  THANK YOU for cheering me on!

I have felt a bit worse for the past month or so, and a friend reminded me that I felt worse last spring… and the spring before!  I hadn’t realized that, and she reminded me that I had felt discouraged each spring, then I came through it.  That was helpful!  In the same way, it’s been helpful for me to write these posts so I can look back on tangible acts of God’s faithfulness and mercy and your support.

As far as transitioning, I don’t know exactly what’s next, but I look forward to more resting and praying, more time with the kids home this summer, maybe a trip to the Mayo Clinic (still haven’t heard!), and most immediately, exercising “every day in May.”  K and S and I have exercised together (via Facebook accountability!) from hundreds of miles apart every day in May for many years (I took a couple years off), and I’m ready to join back in, although their exercise includes running and planks, and I am hoping to do at least 4 minutes a day on the recumbent exercise bike.  Hey, just start where you are, right?

I am thankful to be through the chaos of diagnosis and initial discoveries in my journey with POTS and NCS and feel like I’m now into the hard part of persevering… but God specializes in that and will see me through this and you through whatever trials you now have as His child.

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,  to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen!”  (Eph. 3:20-21)



13 thoughts on “Keeping on keepin’ on”

  1. ?Blessings, Kristi, in all your next steps. I worked with Dan and Connie at MAP (they’re the best!) and have been encouraged these past months in seeing, through your reading, the grace of God and light of Christ manifested in your writing.




  2. Love you, Mark and the kids, and wish you the very best. Our God reigns… Will continue to pray for you and love you from afar. 😉

  3. Yes! The goal is just increasing what we’re doing now! We can do it! (…she says while it’s still April.) 🙂

  4. What?!?!?!? You’re giving up on the blog?!?!?! While I appreciate the need to prioritize and spend time on other things, I will really MISS this extra way to keep in touch with you and to know your needs and how I can specifically pray!!!! I am glad we will have May accountability, at least, to keep us even more closely in touch next month!! 4 minutes on the bike each day will be huge!! Do you have one at home or do you have to go somewhere to use it? Can’t wait!!!

    1. Thanks, Kate! I’ll miss doing it to but it had started to weigh on me a bit… and I think I need to use my computer spoons to catch up on some other things. Yes, every day in May will be great– I DO have a bike here and can watch TV while I use it. YAY! 🙂 I’ll send you and S my exercise chart soon. 🙂

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