October 2014

Halloween at home

15 years later… you’d never guess

Is it enough?

Mountain Getaway DOs and DON’Ts for POTSies

Creative cuisine makes kids and Mama happy!

Like mother, like daughter

POTS and a pedometer

Dream a little dream of me

Biofeedback to help treat POTS – Part Two

Party time!

Biofeedback to help treat POTS


September 2014

The Spoon Theory: What fatigue is like for the chronically ill

Fighting fatigue (POTS Symptom #4)

Funny Friday: A trip with a view

Promoting well being: My 100-day challenge to myself

Finding fun in the midst of chronic illness

Fall’s must-have accessory

Ridiculous trust

Nothing in my hands I bring

Treatments that have helped me improve with POTS & NCS

Kristi’s CAN-DO List: Ways I have improved, with POTS


August 2014

Permanent? Noooooo!

God meets you and me in the midst of kale

Fantastic video clip of Dr. Kent Brantly praising God after ebola recovery

What to do with life’s lemons and kale?

A little better, a little while

These legs are made for walking


July 2014

Do you have a rich uncle?

Talk about tachycardia (POTS Symptom #3)

My neighbor, Nausea (POTS Symptom #2)

Love leads to love

Presyncope, according to Suzanne

Presyncope, according to Lisa

Presyncope in action, according to Kristi

A powerful Name

At your service

Our daily bread (or bagels)

Home alone

Presenting… Presyncope (POTS Symptom #1)

You say “vacation;” I say “zeecation”

Walking in works

Happy Fourth of… July?

Just a big waste

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